India Festival in Frankfurt

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India Festival in Frankfurt: India at a glance

Frankfurt celebrates India at Rossmarkt. The Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt and the Friends of India Group presented this year’s India Festival with a lot of cultural performances on the 31st August in Frankfurt am Main. The motto of this year’s event was „Unity in diversity“.

The open Air event was supported from India Tourism, the city of Frankfurt, Indian cultural associations and media partner Antenne Frankfurt and Apna Frankfurt. The Consulate General Ms. Pratibha Parkar ignited ceremonial lamps during the event. This is a typical tradition in India. It stands for a new beginning. One says it brings a lot of light and luck into life. Also present were Mr. Stephan Siegler (CDU) Frankfurt’s principal city councilor und Mr. Kerry Reddington, entrepreneur and deputy Chairman of the local foreigners in Frankfurt.

There were 13 shops at Rossmarkt from henna painting, Yoga and handicraft to a tourist desk from the Indian Consulate General. At Rathenauplatz there were 15 food stalls with regional specialities and a stage broadcasting all the shows from the main stage at Rossmarkt. There were 30 classical and modern dance and music performances from 18 indian associations from 12 midday until 7 in the evening. Apart of Bollywood dance and music, there were many other performances. Payal a young dancer from the cultural association Gujarati Samaj performed with the Garba dance group (above photo). Garba is a traditional folk dance from the region Gujarat in India. This dance is highly popular by the youth in India. It will be performed amongst others at Navatri festival which will be celebrated in autumn. Garba involves large groups of dancers. The women wear colourful costumes. They clap their hands and move to the rhythm of the music. The male dancers have on their head clay pots with shining colours.

The India Festival was organized in 2018 for the first time. The Friends of India Group, one of the co-organizers, is an initiative of the Indian Consulate General. They were founded with the aim of bringing all Indian cultural associations together on stage and to promote the diversity of art, culture and traditions of India. India at a glance. This is an intercultural event which strengthens intercultural awareness between Germany, India and international visitors. Nearly 20,000 Visitors came to the festival this year. It is expected that the India festival for next year 2020 will be planned as of December of this year.

India Festival Frankfurt

India Festival Frankfurt

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