Carnival of cultures in Berlin

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Carneval of cultures in Berlin

Carnival of cultures: The whole world comes to Berlin as a guest

This weekend the whole world met in Berlin letting us take part at a festival of different cultures and cuisine accompanied by music.

The street parade, the highlight of the carnival of cultures, presented itself exquisitely colourful and extremely lively with participants from all over the world. Accompanied with bright sunshine, the parade ran through Kreuzberg with Brazilian samba, traditional Chinese lion dance, West African drums and Albanian folklore giving an insight view into all these beautiful, different cultures through dance and music, through traditional dresses and costumes. In between all this political messages got across peacefully.

The street festival took place around the Blücherplatz, a culinary journey around the world with Japanese street food, Persian saffron chicken, Scottish haggis or Brazilian tapioca as well as stalls with art and craft, information stalls and events on stage.


Carneval of Cultures in Berlin

Carneval of cultures in Berlin

Carneval of cultures in Berlin


Carneval of cultures in Berlin

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