About Intercultural World

Welcome to my blog Intercultural World: A page for inspiration, new ideas and insights into other cultures through encounters with unique people from other countries and topics like habits/customs and traditions as well as travel stories, traditional country-specific food and drinks, music and dance, art, intercultural calendar, ancient cultures, reviews (books and films) and social engagement (e. g. social startups and social business).

“Connecting people from different worlds.”

My aim is to support and promote real understanding between different cultures and to build bridges towards intercultural awareness. I have met many wonderful people with divers cultural backgrounds. Focussing more on what we have in common and being openminded towards other cultures, which are different than ours will enrich our lives greatly. Breaking through national, religious and cultural barriers, leads to greater openness and respectful communication which results in creativity and new, innovative ideas. We can inspire and learn from each other through being purely curious, share knowledge and develop further together. I have learnt one thing: However big the cultural differences are, at the end we are all human beings with the same universal basic needs, values and we are all interconnected. ♡